Distributor - Sales and service provider of PENETRON  waterproofing systems consisting of cementitious capillary waterproofing product formulations, consisting of common cement, quartz, sand (of special grade) and multiple activating chemicals that provide the most effective permanent concrete waterproofing system available.  Remarkably these non-toxic products penetrate deeply into the capillary tracts of the concrete and clay by pressure of osmosis, providing enhanced frost resistance, waterproofing and strengthening capabilities, as well as protecting steel and resisting attacks from chemicals, acids, industrial waste, corrosive ground water and seawater.


Create the "perfect basement" in your own home.


Distributor and licensed builder of the superior Enclosure Conditioned Housing (ECHO) SystemTM, interior drainage and full height insulation basement finishing and optional sub-floor system for new and previously lived in homes and commercial structures including slab on grade installations. 

Enhanced ventilation and drainage technology keeps basement floor and perimeter wall cavities and insulation materials dry by eliminating foundation water leakage and moisture. Its continuous, depressurized envelope cavity prevents soil and building material moisture, gases and mold spores from entering the living space. Its energy efficient, variable speed blower, provides extra house ventilation when you need it.

  • depressurized, ventilated and drained sub floors which can be finished like floors upstairs (even hardwood)
  • depressurized, ventilated and drained perimeter drywall finished full height insulated walls.
  • mechanical, variable rate heat, recovery house ventilation
  • house depressurization testing capability

Solving annoying wet basement moisture and ground soil water leakage problems such as from shrinkage foundation cracks in leaky basements, poured concrete, ICF, block, brick and even stone and rubble foundation walls, both from the inside and from the outside, as well as dealing with mold growth issues are routine, thanks to PENETRON and ECHO.


DBTI services Durham Region and surrounding communities including Clarington, Oshawa, Port Perry, Whitby, Ajax, Pickering, Scarborough, and Greater Toronto as well as product sales of PENETRON throughout Canada.

TEL: 905.665.1585, TOLL FREE: 1.800.453.3284 (DBTI), FAX: 905.665.9078

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